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Athelas | Mucho más que código

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You don't need magic to craft your ideal website

We give you the tools, knowledge, and a great team of nerds, fully committed to making your web product the stuff of legends…


Whether you are looking for help developing a design you alredy have, or you need a whole team for your project, Athelas has the right tools to help you. Web applications, Content Development, SEO, Community Management, Architecture of the Information, CMS's, Trainings... You require it, we have it. With us you will experience the synergy of a unique team.



Arturo Bullard – SEO – Refactoring of a website

Discover Peru's best travel Photographer

Arturo is one of the most visited peruvian bloggers, but most of his traffic comes from social media websites, he wants to increase his organic traffic. His old website didin't follow good SEO practices, and caused him some troubles because of an outdated theme. We decided to rebuild it using Avada, and took the opportunity to refactor his contents to support a better SEO strategy. With the new website ready, we can now focus on improving the site's organic traffic being sure we are following Googles best practices.

Natuviva – Ecommerce

A great way to deliver Healthy food to schools in Panama

We build an e-commerce platform that allows parents to easily buy the daily menus for their kids at school. It's not only one of our best international clients, also the team that delivered this project was international, big applause for Daniela Cabrerizo (USA) , Marlene Franco (Panamá) and Athelas (Perú). We made it happen!

Quinoa – E-commerce

Healthy food tastier than ever!

We redid Quinoa's website. The old one was great but didn't fullfill their growing business new needs. We re-design the website so it would be responisve and it now includes more sections, and a great e-commerce so their customers can plan their meals ahead of time! Check their menu

Buen Viaje – Website – SEO

To infinity... and beyond!

Buen Viaje aims to become the digital leader for travelling guides in Perú. We started by crafting a fully customised WordPress theme that would allow us to do some UX testing in order to improve the users experience. A comprehensive work including SEO, design, UX Metrics, loading speed optimisation and Crafted CMS makes this one of our favourites!

Municipío al Día LMS system

MOOCS for Public Administrators

Municipio al Día is a virtual platform that freely offers information and assessment to public administrators all over the country. It aims to strengthen cities management quality and investments.
A LMS system was build on top of WC Sensei that allowes the Institute of Peruvian Studies to offer moocs across Peru without the usual limitations.

Municipio al día – Public Administrators Knowledge Base

A tool for improving public administration

Municipio al Día is a virtual platform that freely offers information and assessment to public administrators all over the country. It aims to strengthen cities management quality and investments. It was build with a WordPress multi site that includes a legal terms and laws knowledge base, a virtual library, a city management calendar and several newsletters. It also has a great direct assessment service were experts can help public servants with their inquiries on different policies.

MVP’s – Viability assesment

Startups MVP's and real user testing

We Develop MVP's to support Startup's viability assesment for their business ideas. We conduct in depth interviews with the potential users, changing the MVP based on the assestment findings. If you are interested on this service, write to us at

Wally – Website

The Peruvian Stripe

Wally is one of the most ambitious peruvian Startups. As such, they required a fast modern and mega customizable website. We build a mega template composed by reusable blocks, did an initial SEO research to deliver the best targeted content and integrated the website with their support and backend servers.


I want my pictures to look perfect, all the time

Ronald wanted it simple, he didn't want to strugle to administrate his web content. The CMS had to behave as simple an intuitive as posible, allowing him total control over the website. This minimalistic website is the perfect portfolio for this amazing artist.

PEDRO & LUCIA – Python WebApp

A brilliant application for an epic wedding. A countdown to "I do" in an original way

When Pedro & Lucia got married, they decided that one day wasn't enough to share with all the people they love. We built this application to allow them to share the excitement of the planning, the anecdotes that their friends and family had done about them, their wedding party songs and the wedding pictures, and much more. A countdown to the "I do" was a genius addition by our designer.

Meet the team

From the caverns of phillosophy, through the accounting barren lands, to the mountains of madness, brave warriors, united by their love of technology, fight unstopable to make your ideas come true!

Esen Espinosa


Druid Debugger

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Creating npm scripts

Pedro Baumann


Rogue Coder

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There is nothing I can't open. No trap to stop me. I will arrive and fulfill my mission.

Gerald Caycho


Paladin Themer

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Sending invoices


UX/UI Designer


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Discussing TV Shows

Even the smallest person can change the way of the future


Backend Developer

Ninja Troll

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Automating tasks

I just can't have enough Django Rest in my life!

I arrived at Athelas with the idea to create a great tourism website, and the result was even much more than what I expected. I found a team of interdisciplinary people that complete each other to offer a new kind of service, brilliant and effective. Working with them has been a beautiful adventure that has taught me so much, and I'm sure we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Thanks Athelas!
  • Maud Guruldian
  • Director - Creator - Woman of the World
  • Buen Viaje
In Athelas I've found a proactive, service oriented, reliable team. They show great commitment in lending a hand while developing the best product possible, with our needs always in mind
  • Rosario Portugal
  • Director & Founder
  • Website

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